Zoom into the Future

Designed for urban riding, this electric scooter isn't short on speed and power. With a 1200W motor and a 70km/h top speed, you'll ride to a better tomorrow in no time with the Wuyang Honda U-GO.

S07 — The ideal everyday commuter.

Who says your everyday commute can't be fun and convenient? Available in a wide variety of vibrant colors, there's an S07 for everyone. Get yours today!

Own 1 out of 5,000 in the whole world.

Taking inspiration from MUJI's H-Type Bicycle, this highly-anticipated and limited edition collaboration with Sundiro Honda brings the minimalist aesthetic to electric territory.

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    All Fiido products come with a 10-month warranty and Popcycle offers lifetime free service for our customers

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    Free shipping within Metro Manila for orders made through the site

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  • Manila Bulletin

    "It’s a revelation I came to realize when testing electrically-assisted bicycles and electric scooters from Popcycle Ebike Center"


    "I could feel a lot of eyes gaze on the scooter as I stopped at intersections. I’ve gotten loads of inquiries from other riders waiting at the lights, and an SUV driver even rolled down his window to ask about the scooter."
    —on the S07

  • Top Gear PH

    "Overall, sobrang solid na commuter nito sa Metro Manila... Sobrang sulit ng lahat ng yun para sa lahat ng monetary savings na makukuha mo in the long run."

    —on the S07

  • First Bike Ride

    "I’ve been pampered, I should say, and I’ve been genuinely enjoying it. The best thing about the Fiido D4S from Popcycle Ebike Center is that it is an eco-friendly vehicle that brings convenience and speed."