Just POPPED off!

Pangarap ay abot kamay, sa Sulong na sakay.

Introducing the Sulong Pop. A Filipino electric scooter that will change the the way you more forward.

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Go the Distance

From Point A to Point B and everywhere in between with the Fiido L3's 200+ km range.

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Your City Adventure Starts Here.

Who says your everyday commute can't be fun and convenient?

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  • Warranty and Lifetime Service

    All ebike and escooter units come with a 10-month warranty and Popcycle offers lifetime free service for our customers

  • Free Metro Manila Shipping

    Free shipping within Metro Manila for orders made through the site

  • Secure Checkout

    At Popcycle, we make sure that we value your personal data, and provide you a hassle-free and secure checkout

  • A better way to get around.

    "It’s a revelation I came to realize when testing electrically-assisted bicycles and electric scooters from Popcycle."

  • When the roads get gnarly, you’ll appreciate the fat tires & suspension. The pedal assist will easily let you keep up with the traffic. My mind was blown when I experienced the top speed of 45km/h at maximum pedal assist.

    —on the Fiido M1 Pro

  • "This makes for a very ideal last-mine solution around the city that can easily take you from Point A to Point B with no problem."

    —on the Fiido Q1S

  • "I’ve been pampered and I’ve been genuinely enjoying (electric bikes). The best thing about this e-bikes, is that it is an eco-friendly vehicle that brings convenience and speed."